Alder Hammock

***10-12 Week Lead Time For Hammocks*** 


The Alder Hammock is my netless hammock. 


Each Alder includes the following:

  • Continuous Loops or Becket Loops
  • Adjustabel Structural Ridgeline
  • Double Ended Stuff Sack
  • Accessory Loops Sewn at Hammock Peaks


The weight and width of the hammock will vary depending on your fabric choice but I always make the hammock as wide as the fabric will allow me to. 


Fabric Choices

Please CLICK THE LINKS BELOW to view colors available and to see what is in stock currently. 


HyperD 1.6 

This fabric has a 300 lb rating.

A finished HyperD hammock will be around 58 inches wide. 


HyperD 1.6 XL

This fabric has a 300 lb rating.

A finished HyperD XL hammock will be around 70-72 inches wide. 


Mountain 1.7

This fabric has a 400 lb rating.

A finished Mountain 1.7 hammock will be around 70-72 inches wide. 


Mountain 1.3

This fabric has a 275 lb rating.

A finished Mountain 1.3 hammock will be around 63-64 inches wide. 


Availabe Options

Length: 11 or 12 foot


Quilt Hooks: Add 4 quilt hooks


Knotty Mods: A knotty Mod is a modification to the hammock that includes putting a piece of shock cord with an adjustable cord lock in the hammocks rolled hem opposite of you head and feet to take up any slack in the hammocks fabric. It makes the hammock less floppy. This is useful for wide hammocks using HyperD XL or Mountain 1.7 fabrics. I've not found knotty mods to be needed on Mountain 1.3 or regular width HyperD.


Becket Loops: Continuous loops come standard but if you are a becket hitch user you can upgrade to Becket Loops. For more information on Becket Loops Click Here.


Each hammock is custom made and has an estimated 10-12 week lead time. 


Suspension is sold separately.

    Fabric Choice
    Knotty Mods
    Continuous Loops or Becket Loops
    Quilt Hooks
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