Breeze Buckles

Breeze Buckles

Breeze Buckles (New Version)

This is the redesigned version of my Breeze Buckles. They are a simple to use one piece cinch buckle and have no moving parts. The buckles remain on your hammocks tree straps and then you connect the hammocks continuous loops to the buckles.


These come in at aproximately 0.70 ounce for a pair and are made from 3/16 thick 7075 T6 Aerospace Aluminum.


These are sold as a pair. You get two buckles.  


Click Here to see a video of how the Breeze Buckles work.


Click here to see my tree straps. 


Disclaimer: Breeze Buckles are designed around the two polyester webbings that I make my tree straps out of. They have been tested on a few other brands of webbings as well and while they are generally compatible with most 1 inch buckle compatible webbings on the market some other brands of tree straps are thicker than the webbings I sell and may not adjust as effortlessly as when they are used with Autumn Ultralight brand tree straps.